Did you know that the Environmental Protection Agency ranks indoor air pollution as one of the top 5 environmental risks?

Whether it is a home, office, or commercial space, indoor air contains five times more pollutants than outdoor air. It includes smoke, dust particles, chemical fumes, germs, and other harmful contaminants. All these pollutants combined pose a serious threat to the health and well-being of people living or working in those spaces and may cause several adverse airborne illnesses.

Your family deserves clean air!

Our indoor air quality inspection is a process involving a thorough scrutiny of indoor air and the potential sources and inlets releasing pollutants into the air. Through this comprehensive inspection, we devise a strategy to eliminate air pollutants and improve the quality of air. This way, we make it convenient for you to comply with the health and safety standards and ensure a safe and healthy environment, your family or employees.

Aside from that, our services also include a free of charge visual mold inspection, for homes as well as commercial spaces, to identify if there is a mold infestation incubating somewhere inside your property.

A proper and complete mold assessment involves more than just looking at the obvious. Mold can be invisible, lurking under the surface. In order to know where to find mold we must be masters at understanding moisture. We must know where water enters a home and where it travels. Locating the source of the problem is a crucial step.


Once we’ve completed our inspection and found the source of the problem, the next step is remediation. Remediation is a fancy name for extensive clean up. There is a very specific process used to clean the area and remove the mold. During remediation we take all necessary steps to keep our staff and homeowners protected. We remove all existing mold, replace/repair that which was affected, and make sure the source of moisture is no longer an issue.


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Unlike a majority of restoration and cleaning companies, all our services are insured and therefore, you can rest assured that the work will be done with utmost professionalism, without any damage or inconvenience.
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We offer high-quality and professional mold and indoor air inspections for business and industries. You can either sign up for a one-time job or sign a contract for regular cleaning and inspection.
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